Natali Koromoto's empanada & Octo dog toy

Ever wonder, what is this toy made of?

As pet parents and dog owners we noticed a lot of toys don't provide information explaining what their toys are made of. This was one of the reasons we decided to make our own and in the process try to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our toys use hemp fabric, that comes from the cannabis sativa plant family and it uses a lot less water and space to grow compared to other fabrics available. We noticed that it's a lot more durable than cotton fabrics and also decomposes very quickly as well. That's our main goal, even though hemp fabric is not as widely used as cotton we've noticed it's starting to become more popular and wanted to make it available for pet owners as well.

From Octo our favorite octopus to Natali Koromotos empanada, we are trying to bring you these custom toys for your pets to enjoy.

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💕 the pawtas team