Small dog playing with Pawtas Octo dog toy

Oh no, toy left behind...

Are you traveling with your dog and realized you forgot to pack a toy? If you can't find a pet store near by, we hope this information will be useful.

Usually when you travel you tend to pack an extra pair of socks, or we hope you did. Socks can help keep your dog entertained. You can tie a knot at the end of one of your socks or tie 2 socks together to make it more fun. You can play fetch with the socks as well if you tie them in a circle shape.

If you are near a wooded area, you can go for a stroll with your dog and see if you find any small broken branches. A lot of dogs tend to love chewing on sticks and branches and it's a fun and ecofriendly solution. It might create a little bit of a mess indoors, but nothing a quick sweep of the area can't fix.

We hope this helps you get through your vacation and keep your dog entertained for a while. Since they don't have their favorite toy to keep them busy, we recommend walking them a little more often if possible, that way they will sleep a little more than usual. Don't forget to check out our new arrivals as well.

We hope you are enjoying your travels with your 🐕.
💕 the pawtas team